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 Every once in awhile, an opportunity becomes available for me to play around with my computer.  It doesn't happen often, as I'm sure fellow caregiver's will agree!  Today I decided to try and make my own award for the many talented caregivers I come across on the net, that help provide resources and show a "home away from home" atmosphere for the little ones.  Certainly nowhere near the talents of Helena from Graphic Gardens, but it was fun and I enjoyed trying it.......


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If you are interested in winning this award please read the terms listed below - apply by the form provided - and if your site qualifies I will send it to you.

1.  You must have a family friendly site.

2.  Having a "No Right Click" on the page you wish to display the award would be preferred.

3.  Your site should have a good layout, no broken links and be easily navigated.

4.  Should you win my award, you must link back to my site at

5.  Most important .... I must enjoy my visit to your web site!

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