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 Curriculum at a glance

Thank you for your interest in our Toddler/Preschool program.  Children's first early experiences enrich and stimulate future growth.  Young children learn more (and faster) during the first 5 years of their life than over any other 5 year period.   It is an accepted fact that children acquire most of their learned development through play; exploring their environment; and observing the people around them.  Children need to have the opportunity to be engaged in experiences that are relevant and meaningful to them.

Children's play is the essential component of a developmentally appropriate curriculum. Our main objective is to have fun, provide a positive approach to learning, enhance social skills and encourage creative expression. Children will be offered activities that stimulate sensory motor development, language skills, social interaction, creativity, explore their environment, and the linking of concepts to real world experience.

Our preschool program is designed to provide age appropriate activities to young children within a small group ratio.  The curriculum is geared towards Pre-K framework for children 3 - 5 years of age and is easily adaptable for a mixed age group to include younger siblings and toddlers wishing to join in.  All subjects/projects are incorporated into weekly/monthly themes and are based on active play/exploration that include ideas inspired by the likes and interests of the children


We will explore learning adventures that focus on letters, shapes, color and number recognition, reading readiness, circle time, supervised computer time, free play, arts and crafts, puzzles, math/science, music/singing, imaginative play, educational toys, sensory experiences and seasonal activities.

At no time will a child be pushed toward an accelerated learning rate, and I will not pressure a child to achieve any developmental milestones.  Respecting each child and their independent personalities, allows them to grow physically, emotionally, socially and intellectually at his/her own pace.



TV/Video programs are not the heart of our daily activities.  I believe a child's day holds many exciting opportunities, and as such I would rather not have them depend on the existence of television.  Any exceptions will be limited to educational/family approved viewing. 

Outdoor Activities

Weather permitting we enjoy outdoor adventures and play everyday at Toddler Haven.  Observing nature thru a child's eyes can be an amazing experience; from their reaction when witnessing seeds planted have begun new growth; discovering the birds nesting in our backyard have become "parents"; and lets not forget the way they learn to be gentle from trying to pick up ants or spiders without squishing a few in between.  

Activities may include; daily back yard play, sand/water table, bike/toy riding, neighborhood walks, hikes to Nose Hill Park, playground visits, gardening, summer water play (i.e. sprinkler, wading pool) which at times is closely followed by snow fun... etc.

A note on field trips

Parents will be informed of field trips in advance.  It is not mandatory that your child attends these field trips, but you will be required to provide back-up childcare for your child if your child cannot attend.  There is no extra cost for field trips, and as such, there is no deduction in the rate if your child does not attend. 

**Field trips do not include neighborhood walks or trips to the adjacent  park, both of which may be somewhat frequent during favorable weather.**

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