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What hours and/or days is Toddler Haven open?

Toddler Haven is open on a weekday schedule, the hours will depend on your contracted requirements.  Statutory Holidays; weekends; after-hours events & functions; and overnight options must be pre-approved by myself, and are only available to families registered with Toddler Haven.

Do you have Police Clearance?

Yes, a Police Clearance and background check for both myself and my husband.

How long have you been a childcare provider?

Without counting my years as a teenager, I have been a childcare provider for well over 28 years now.

How long do you intend to provide childcare services for?

Good question!   Being a parent myself I understand how difficult and frustrating it can be to search for a good provider...have your child settle in...just to find out the day home has become a "fly by night" setup, leaving you once again to begin a new search.

Consistency is vital to the social and emotional development of little ones. 

If you have visited my "about me" page, you will have noted that before opening under Toddler Haven, I began my adventure in 1987, offering "babysitting services" and continued as a contracted provider under "Sheila's Day Home".  Since I was providing long term childcare services you eventually get to the point where although the children started out in diapers, they all too soon enter junior high, and of course reached an age where they no longer required my supervision

After my maternity leave I re-opened under ~ Toddler Haven ~ newly renamed in my youngest sons honor.  I offer families the continued tradition I began back in 1987.   

How close are you to any Elementary Schools?

I am located within 2 blocks of North Haven Elementary School, with NO BUSY ROADS to walk along and NO streets are required to cross on route.

Do you provide before and after school care?

Yes... Before and After School care can be available. 

Do I pay even if my child is sick?

Yes, you are paying for a contracted space, not on your child's attendance. 

What about vacations? 

Parent vacations: Please notify me at least 1 month in advance when you plan to take vacations.  If you will be away for more then 2 weeks at a time I may require a holding fee to keep your child’s spot available.  If you choose to take the day off work and keep your child with you, regular fees will still be charged

Provider vacations:  Provider is entitled to 4 weeks of vacation per year (20 working days).  I have always tried to work around my clients vacation times so that our holiday schedules coincide.  Should I decide to take a vacation, advance notice will be given regarding specific dates.  As my husband works with the school board, these dates will more than likely be during July or August.  I am aware of his schedule by the end of February each year.  I will try to take into account the families I serve but alternate care will be the responsibility of the parent(s)

Do you provide receipts?

Yes, receipts are provided for income tax purposes.

What kind of payment plans do you offer?

A fee schedule can be worked out for by-weekly; or monthly.

Do you charge a fee for late payments?

Yes, all payments are due in advance of child care services.  A late fee of $10.00 per day (including weekends) will be charged for late tuition payments. 

If your fee schedule is for the 1st of each month, please do not wait until the 5th to make your payment.  Try to imagine if your work did not pay you on time?

What if I have other errands and I am late picking up my child?

A late fee of $5.00 will be charged for late pick ups for every additional 15 minutes or a portion of such minutes, without advanced approval from day home operator.  Please take this into account when filling out contract hours, allow yourself safe driving time, work or school delays etc.

Note on pre-approval: This does not mean you contact me at or near pick-up time.  Please be considerate of me and I will always be fair to you.

What kind of activities do you do through the day?

Please view this subject under "Daily Schedule" or our "Programs" for more information.

Do you work with an agency?

No, I do not. Toddler Haven is a private "babysitting service" / "day home" which is monitored by parents.  I am unable to offer subsidies, but I do provide receipts.  My personal standards are the same, if not higher, than if I were under a contract with an agency.

Why do you accept no more than 6 children ?

I believe that children are entitled to enjoy and benefit from a small group ratio.  Smaller groups allow for closer interaction with both their caregiver and peers alike.  I find this arrangement works best and allows for a more flexible schedule, geared to each child's individual daily needs.  

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