A little about me......

Hello, my name is Sheila, mother of three wonderful boys.  My eldest son Jameson is 30 years old and is enjoying his career with EMS as a Paramedic here in Calgary... my youngest man is now 15, in grade 9, enjoying a break from Tae Kwon Do (currently a green belt) to enjoy Swimming and Parkar.  It is with great sorrow that I mention the passing of my  precious son Brandon on March 12th, 2008, just one week before his 19th birthday.... My warmest thank you to all that have sent their condolences and well wishes.

During my maternity leave with my youngest, I knew I would continue the tradition I had set forth with my older sons; be a stay-at-home mom; provide my youngest man close interaction with other toddlers; and share the warmth of our home with other families.

This privilege has been lovingly supported by my husband Gregg, my children, family and friends. This venture means a lot to me; thank you for your support.

The early years......

It seems that I have been around children most of my life.  As with most young girls, I started "sitting" for young children at the age of 12.

After my oldest son Jameson was born, and my 6 month maternity leave was coming to an end, I found myself unable to part with him, choosing instead not to return back into the "work force".  By that time other young mom's where contacting me to care for their families. 

It didn't take long for me to realize that I enjoyed spending my day with a handful of little people.  Operating a family day home wasn't a hard decision to make, how many other professions include the daily perks of children's laughter, wide eyed innocence, hugs, kisses and lets not forget being the tallest at my "work" space.. well...the tallest until they reach the age of 12.

That was well over 28 years ago and the years have enriched my life!

Not just a "hockey mom" - Some Useful experiences.....

Although a dedicated childcare provider, I am a mom first.  I kiss "boo-boo's"; snuggle during story time; give piggy-back rides; paint with my fingers; sing children's songs;  setup the most amazing Hot Wheel Track; practice ABC's; bake homemade treats; enjoy the sprinkler/water balloons in the summer; tobogganing/snowmen in the winter and I can often be found enjoying the playground equipment along side of the children in my care ~ riding down the slide or swinging with a little tyke on my lap too young to venture by themselves.

I have childcare experience with Autism; Asthmatics; Attention Deficit Disorder; Hyperactivity; Speech Therapy and the care and treatment required to care for a young burn victim. 

I ran the Health and Safety committee while working at Canada Safeway for over 2 1/2 years; have volunteer as a Youth Team Leader with Calgary Parks and Recreation; managed both my older sons hockey teams for 4 years;  and I have served as Assistant Hockey Coordinator for their hockey league.

Knowledge gained through these adventures I bring with me to Toddler Haven.

Other interests.........

I have been a dog obedience instructor for over 24 years.  Currently we have a Chocolate Lab "Tucker" born March 14th, 2008 ~ we are sad to say that we lost our beloved "Anna" over the Labor Day Weekend 2005 ~ followed by her sister "Sadie" January 2007. 

I enjoy Tae Kwon Do; reading; relaxing outdoors; bike riding; hiking (you get the picture) and of course spending time with my family.

My most challenging outside interest would have to be this web site.  What started out as a "just for fun" attempt during the spring of 2004 to inform parents/caregivers about my day home, has become both a creative outlet for myself and I admit, a small obsession.  A special thank you to my eldest son Jameson. When he understood my desire at this websites beginning lacked the required knowledge to fully develop, Jameson supplied me with my first  HTML and Java Script books... it has now been 12 years and if you can view my website, I think I'm getting the hang of things.  Being the daughter of a Scot you could see where I prefer to save money and do it myself.....

The wonders of a child.......

Each child is exceptional and I can't help but be in awe watching them develop in their own unique way.  I look forward to each opportunity spent with little people, enjoying the wonders of a child, as they acquire their own qualities and capabilities.  I thrive to be a worthy mentor and am grateful to be part of each days new experiences and discoveries


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