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Family Child Care and Home Preschool

Show and Tell ~ With Pictures

This page was developed to provide a quick description and visual tour of my day home.  

Not being a fan of placing children's photos online, I did manage to find a few pictures to provide an  introduction of our setup.  After your Virtual tour, please scroll down the page for a further description of our day home and preschool centers.....  This short video is from 2010 and although we like to change things around at times it gives you the general idea.


I would appreciate feedback if you have difficulty viewing this form of "slideshow", please inform me at so that I can evaluate the majority and change the program back to a more traditional slideshow....


Home ~ Pet Environment

Our home is both peanut and pet friendly.   We presently have a Chocolate Lab "Tucker"; three indoor cats "Fatneck"; "Plumpkin" and the baby "Slinky" or simply baby kitty; one Rabbit "Clubs"; two leopard Geckos "Leon" & "Randle" and four firebelly toads; fish...

 If you have any questions or concerns about our family/day home pets, please feel free to ask.

Playroom ~ Preschool

Our sunny preschool area is a dedicated setup with 3 rooms joined by a main hallway. I took a lot of time with the design and layout for these special areas, choosing a bright and inviting environment.  One half of our classroom is setup with centers where you will find our Preschool Area ~ Circle Time ~ Arts/Crafts ~ Math Center ~ Science Center ~ Puzzles/Games, etc...

In the other half you will find our Play Center Area ~ Music and Movement ~ Lego and Block Center ~ Transportation  Center ~ Puppet Theater ~ Dramatic Play Area, which can be changed to follow themes like Doctor Office ~ Grocery Store, etc ~ Free Play ... the list goes on.  Toys are rotated on a regular basis in order to keep interest and curiosity alive.   

We have a separate Reading Library/Media room  were we enjoy story time, watch special programs/videos, and after school children can relax or start homework. The preschool has its own 2 pce Washroom   

Outdoor Area

We are located in  a designated "playground zone", less than 2 blocks from the neighborhood elementary school.  We enjoy a large private fenced yard that includes; separate dog run ~ both a poured patio and large grass space, plus we enjoy the benefit of bordering beside "North Haven Park" equipped with new playground equipment, and a wonderful big open area for picnics, tag, sport activities or just running around During warmer weather we have our playhouse, basketball net, tug boat sandbox/pool, and other backyard toys that can be taken out of storage.

A Note on Housework

I offer a clean, although sometimes toy cluttered home.  As my main concern is for the little people in my care, you can expect to witness the following at pickup time; art work not yet completed, odd toys scattered about, crumbs on the floor, lunch dishes not yet washed, etc. 

I will attend to matters of house cleaning during non-business hours, or if all the children are sleeping, during nap/rest period.


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