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This page was developed to provide a quick description and visual tour of my day home.

 Unfortuantely, due to Adobe offically killing off Flash player, I will be required to find a new media outlet for our tour along with the free time to install (haha} ~ Until then, please feel free to scroll down for a discription     




Home ~ Pet Environment

Our home is both peanut and pet friendly.   We presently have our old but happy Chocolate Lab "Tucker"; a young Swiss Mountain X "Angus"; two indoor cats "Fatneck" and the baby "Slinky" or simply baby kitty; leopard Gecko "Leon"; firebelly toads; fish...

 If you have any questions or concerns about our family/day home pets, please feel free to ask.

Playroom ~ Preschool

Our sunny preschool area is a dedicated 24/7 setup.  Layout follows an inviting environment that mirrors a school classroom.  One half of our classroom is setup with centers where you will find our Preschool Area ~ Circle Time BAS Homework ~ Arts/Crafts ~ Math Center ~ Science Center ~ Puzzles/Games, etc...

In the other half you will find our Play Center Area ~ Music and Movement ~ Lego and Block Center ~ Transportation  Center ~ Puppet Theater ~ Reading Library ~ Dramatic Play Area, which can be changed to follow themes like Doctor Office ~ Grocery Store, etc ~ Free Play ... the list goes on.  Toys are rotated on a regular basis in order to keep interest and curiosity alive. The preschool has its ownn 2 pce Washroom2 pce Washroom   



Outdoor Area

We are located in  a designated "playground zone", less than 2 blocks from the neighborhood elementary school.  We enjoy a large private fenced yard that includes; separate dog run ~ both a poured patio and large grass space, plus we enjoy the benefit of bordering beside "North Haven Park" equipped with playground equipment, and a wonderful big open area for picnics, tag, sport activities or just running around During warmer weather we have our playhouse, basketball net, tug boat sandbox/pool, and other backyard toys that can be taken out of storage.


A Note on Housework

I offer a clean, although sometimes toy cluttered home.  As my main concern is for the little people in my care, you can expect to witness the following at pickup time; art work not yet completed, odd toys scattered about, crumbs on the floor, lunch dishes not yet washed, etc. 

I will attend to matters of house cleaning during non-business hours, or if all the children are sleeping, during nap/rest period.


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